Family Linens is the creation of Sheila Langer and Louise Sklower, American friends who have lived in Paris over the past thirty years. For each of them, having grown up outside major metropolitan areas in America, the nostalgic appeal of the simple arts of country folk has always been strong. In France, their curiosity led them to discover the domestic arts of this country's rural populations.

Family Linens uses antique homespun and industrial textile to create contemporary heirlooms, and offers original antique hand-woven and hand-sewn textile pieces in good to excellent condition. Skills in design (Sheila Langer is both a graphic artist and package designer who loves to sew) and in sewing (Louise Sklower is a French-certified hand embroiderer, who loves to draw) are put to good use. Both share exceptional skill at bird-dogging and navigating the stalls of Paris flea markets!

This is the passion and inspiration behind Family Linens, a web store where collectors, textile lovers, interior designers, photo stylists, and you can discover, browse, and shop for fine-condition antique French linens and flea market treasures.