Family Linens uses particular antique textiles to create contemporary heirlooms, and offers antique hand-woven and hand-sewn textile pieces in good to excellent condition.

When possible, Family Linens offers kelschs, generally from 19th century Alsace. If Family Linens happens across kelschs in poor condition, pieces and parts are re-worked.

This is Family Linen's trust. By treating old fabrics to new designs, and by incorporating time-honored techniques, Family Linens pays homage to the women who worked up the originals. The colors may have bled, but the tight weave of the fabric and the hand stitching, worked to last forever, often convince us that the cloth merits intervention. Imperfections, such as pin pricks, winklehooks, etc., are carefully inspected, and if we feel the piece can be saved, we will do so.